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Tomato Pie

I’m off for two weeks in between when camp ends and school starts. While I am getting a lot done around the house in addition to a lot of cooking, I’m getting pretty bored. But that is the point of … Continue reading

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Beef Teriyaki

It’s hard to believe it, but summer camp is over. It was a long 7 weeks, and I wanted to treat my self to something so I thought I would get Chinese food. But then I remembered that the Chinese … Continue reading

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Fresh Tomato Sauce

Sorry for not posting, but I am working on a new website that focuses less on the gluten free diet and more on promoting more fruits and veggies in the American diet. But fear not, this website is still going, … Continue reading

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Grilled Lamb Meatballs

I am back from vacation! We went to Ocean City, NJ which unbeknownst to me is a dry town. A DRY TOWN. You can’t even BYOB in restaurants. How does this exist in 2015? My partying days are over, but … Continue reading

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