Pooch Patrol: A PSA for Runners

When I was training for the 2014 Boston Marathon, I got really skinny (not on purpose). My husband said he had never seen anything like it: I was as skinny as a rail and I had a huge pooch. I have been trying for over a year to rid of it: 30 day ab challenges, sit-ups after I run, planks- the whole 9 yards. Now my pooch is starting to be uncomfortable when I sit down. My dad asked me last night if I was pregnant- it’s getting that bad. I just went to the doctor, so I know it is not a tumor or something- yikes. After a trip to the doctor and extensive research, we have determined that I have diastastis recti- pregnancy, crunches, sit-ups, and even many pilates moves cause the abdominal wall to bulge forward, straining the connective tissue that runs up and down the center of your rectus abdominis (the six-pack muscles). So now I am stopping all sit-ups and crunches and replacing them with specific pilates moves to get rid of it. I started last night, and boy do I feel it this morning. I hope it goes away fast. Here is a picture from last weekend of me standing next to my friends (I’m on the right):


I mean seriously, I look 4 months pregnant. I wanted to post about this as a PSA to runners or anyone else out there who may have this problem. Here are some exercises I have found to correct it:

Huffington Post Article

The Bump Room

FemFusion Fitness






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