Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

This morning, I accomplished the following things before lunchtime:

1) I went to a swim clinic for tomorrow’s Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, even though I am not competing in it. I wanted to do an open water swim with other people. It was a total disaster. I could not get my wetsuit on all the way, and when I tried to swim it started strangling me. I made it over to a kayaker who was able to unzip me enough so I could breath. It was really scary. AND there were dead fish EVERYWHERE. So I am selling my wetsuit, and I am never swimming in the Hudson again.

2) I learned how to install a toilet. After spending nearly $2500 on having other people fix stuff in the condo I rent out, I have vowed to take a free workshop at Home Depot whenever I am free on a Saturday. I was the only one in the class, and I informed them that they are going to see me a lot this summer. I am totally ready to install a toilet.

3) I went to the Peekskill library and farmer’s market. I am on vacation for the next 10 days, I got very insecure that I would finish my book and have nothing to read, even though there are about 200 books on my kindle (thanks to my dad). I’m doing this reading challenge. I just wanted to browse the market to see who was there, and I ended up buying rhubarb, lettuce, and snap peas even though I am going out of town tomorrow.

5) I made toasted ravioli.

I also made waffle ice cream sandwiches as I am trying to only eat dairy and sugar on the weekends because as I have mentioned before, I am super vain when it comes to having clear skin. I would never deprive myself- if someone offers me free pizza on a Tuesday I am going to eat it, but I am trying to eat cleaner during the week. So now my weekend desserts are going to be out of control. I saw this in the Williams-Sonoma catalogue, and it looked like this:


When I made it, it looked like this:


Basically, I took 2 room temperature waffles (warm will make the ice cream melt as you put it together), spooned on some gelato in the middle, sprinkled some mini m&m’s on it and stuck it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  I should start a separate blog documenting what dishes are supposed to look like vs. my poor presentation skills. Nah, I’ll just keep doing it on this website.

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