My Finish Line

*Originally posted April 18, 2013 (Again, I had to keep this one…)

I have to give major props to the Boston Athletic Association.  I can’t imagine the level of stress they have been working until since Monday.  When I learned that I could pick up my medal, I immediately called my family and asked them to come with me.  I knew this was asking a lot, especially with my dad and his bad back, but I wanted to share the moment with someone.  My mom, dad, and sister-in-law hopped (ok, I can barely walk, so there was no hopping) on the orange line and headed back to Copley Square, the scene of the crime. I have to admit I was pretty nervous walking through the area with the police holding rifles and news trucks lined up as far as you could see. On an unassuming side street, we saw a small sign for the BAA.

The baggage and medal pick up area was calm, warm and inviting.  They had a mini finish line right before you walked into the room to get your medal.  The head of the BAA shook my hand, and a woman next to him gave me my medal and a hug.  As we exited, therapy dogs greeted us. For them to set this up, after all they have been through this week, was amazing.  I take back every bad thing I have ever said about the BAA.  They are good people.



I will cross the real thing next year.

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