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Mexican Roasted Vegetable Casserole

I LOVE enchiladas, and I order them pretty much every time I go out for Mexican. However, when I cook at home, I try to incorporate vegetables in my meals as much as possible. So, I came up with this. … Continue reading

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Sloppy Joe’s (or Untidy Samuel’s)

I have finally completed the task of moving my entire website over to WordPress, so I don’t have to pay for it anymore. It was tedious, but it allowed me to reformat and correct some mistakes so it is all … Continue reading

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Chicken and Quinoa Enchilada Casserole

*Originally posted December 2, 2014 Sorry I am behind on posting! I traveled to Philadephia for their half marathon, and then I went to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. And I broke a toe and got a sinus infection, so it’s … Continue reading

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Homemade Beef Broth

I started running again today, and while my toe felt ok running, I managed to stub it three times, twice of which were from tripping over my dog. I think because it is feeling better, I am being less careful. … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprout Au Gratin

Oh the Brussell sprout. It is not high up on my list of brassicas, and it might actually be my least favorite. I love how they look like little cabbages, and they grow in a spear, but like broccoli, I … Continue reading

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Red Cabbage Side Dish

*Originally posted November 1, 2014 I made it though Halloween without one piece of candy. I did pretty well over my two week fast, only having a few cookies after my 10 mile run, and a cupcake last Tuesday. (My … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken and Cornbread

Now that I have settled into my new schedule/life, I have realized that Wednesdays are an excellent day for me to use the slow cooker. I come home at lunch, where I can throw the ingredients in, and then go back … Continue reading

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Leek Dip

My go-to recipe for leeks is my leek and swiss chard tart, but I had just made quiche the night before my farm share arrived. So I decided to expand my leek horizons and make this dip. I am tempted … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Chicken Pot Pie

I would not dare post a picture of my chicken pot pie. I am so bad at making a pie crust look pretty, and with gluten free crust I find it nearly impossible.  My mom is so good at it. … Continue reading

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The Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust

The commissary at West Point sells King Arthur GF flour for way less money than the regular grocery store, so my fiancé bought me about 6 boxes of it. Whereas I usually buy Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix, I … Continue reading

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